Saturday, March 15, 2008


How do you deal with a tragedy or a crisis in your life?  So often it's so easy to get caught up in the moment- to get caught up in the details- to get bogged down by emotions and not effectively deal with a situation.  There was a tragedy at the school where I teach- it actually happened after school on Thursday at one of the student's homes.  It got me thinking about how we often run away from security in the face of our emotions.  Instead of running to the one person who can give us the strength to carry on through it we run the opposite way right into the darkness.  When it's dark you can't see- your eyes may adjust to the lack of light but it's a distorted view of reality.  We think that if we go a bit further we just might reach the light but in reality it's behind us- we have turned our back on it.  All we have to do is turn around- we will see the light!  Then, we just have to run toward it.  When we reach that light we see things as they really are.  I don't want to live in darkness- as a teacher I don't want my students to live in darkness.  I want to live in the view of reality- I want to live in the light.  And, then, as we live in the light we become part of the light and we are take our light to the dark places of the world.  To the people who are constantly in darkness.  It could be your neighbor, it could be a stranger on the street, it could be a family member, it could be across the world.  Are you willing to run toward the light????

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Quick Quote

I have a women's Bible and it has quotes throughout it.  The following is one that I have really enjoyed reading from time to time and I especially need it now!  My job is a bit stressful and sometimes I have a hard time seeing God in the middle of it (even though I know He is).  I do still have some things to share but I need to do it when I can sit down and think through all that I want to post so definitely look for it in the next week or so (Spring Break).

"We don't know the meaning of worship until we praise God in the middle of a difficult situation, aware that he's still in control of the universe-even though we may not see it." ---Carol Kent