Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What was Judas thinking??

I know that question conjures up the thought of his betrayal and yes, this sort of covers that- but THAT is greed- pure and simple.  And really, who has not been overtaken by greed somewhere along the line in their life.  But, no, this goes to John 13.  This morning I read this passage of Jesus washing the disciples' feet.  It was interesting to read the reaction of Peter and his responses but then I got to wondering- what about Judas?.  Here he is listening to Jesus talk about why he was washing feet and how that was what they were to do to others in order to serve- so, what was he thinking?  He had already decided to betray Jesus and here he is listening to Jesus tell that he KNEW who was going to betray him!  Was he thinking- I need to run and just get it done?  What am I doing?  about the money?  Did any thoughts of guilt or remorse about what he was going to do enter into his mind and heart at all?  I just can't help but wonder- what was Judas thinking?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Checking things off

I have been able to do at least one or two things on my list already- however, I am addressing one that will take me through the whole year- reading a book a week.  Last week I was "at home" in Indiana (you know- it's funny, when I am in TN then IN is home but when I am in IN then TN is home- so strange how that works).  Anyway, after my dad posted THIS BLOG back in January I requested to read the book I Am Second.  He sent it to me within a couple of weeks and I just now had a chance to read it- this book was a really good book.  .I laughed and cried, my heart ached for the hurt of others and rejoiced in their joy.  I am a regular watcher of Biggest Loser so the story of Michelle Aguilar was one that I watched unfold on tv.  I actually have her book on the Kindle app on my iphone to read and now it has become a MUST READ.  I am looking forward to spending some time this summer watching the videos on the I Am Second website but I leave you with this:

Seconds - I Am Second

Sunday, June 3, 2012

38 before 38...

Yep, I turn 37 today so I decided I am making a list of 38 things that I want to do BEFORE I turn 38- a year away.

1. Run a 5k- just for the fun of it.  I am planning on The Color Run in Nashville in October but would like to plan on a couple more.  I need the discipline and motivation to train for something.
2. Travel to a state I have never been to- there are several including some in the northeast.  I would love to travel that way sometime. or even to D.C.
3. Purchase a bicycle and begin riding for fun and for exercise.
4. Post on my card blog a minimum of 3 times a week
5. Make 100 cards to donate to an organization such as Operation Write Home, Ronald McDonald House, or some other cause.
6. See Chipper Jones play at least one last game in his retirement season (was planning on this on Sunday, May 27, but he went on the D.L. :( )
7.Log 150 miles of "running"/walking- outside or on the treadmill.
8. Try one new pinterest recipe a week.
9. Complete one pinterest DIY/craft/inspiration project per month.
10. do something that is out of the ordinary with my hair :)

11. Take a month and take one picture every day (could be nature, creativity, people, sights, etc)- I think I'll do June 3, 2012-July 3, 2012.
12. Lose weight and get to a healthy weight in a healthy way.
13. Visit a Civil War site here in the south.  I have been to Gettysburg (and would love to go back).  I am heading to Murfreesboro for a training in July and there is one there...
14. Read at least one book a week (not a feat for the summer but when school starts...)
15. Organize my craft stuff in a way that makes sense and gets used more often :)
16. Donate platelets every few months or so.
17. Get my fitness blog back up and running- with what I am not sure yet.
18. Put the birthdays of family and friends in my calendar and work on getting cards out ON TIME!
19. Become more consistent in my gym attendance...
20. Learn how to sew

21. Post on my "faith" blog (this one) a minimum of 2 times a month.
22. Go to a spin class at the YMCA (or with my friend Rae Ann at the gym where she works- I have 20 classes to use) :)
23.  Tell my family I love them as often as possible!
24. Get ahead on my lesson plans (this is two pronged- working on them this summer and getting ahead once school starts)
25. Spend more time out with my friends (in my friend Cindy's words- to not be a hermit)
26. Ride a zipline (there are lots of the zipline tours in this area...)
27. Get rid of one bag of "clutter" a week either by taking it to the thrift store or the garbage.
28. Spend some time  with some of the cutest babies I know (friends who are having babies and friends who have adopted babies)
29. Spend as much time with my nephew as possible.  He'll be in Kindergarten this year :( and turning 6 in October- time goes way too fast.
30. Spend some time prepping for the areas at school (taking pictures of area places for word walls, block area, etc)
31. Wean myself off sodas for water/crystal light (this will be a hard one for me- I have done it before for 2-3 months so I know it can be done- I just need to make it longer!)
32. Go to a UT football game- I know, it makes no sense- I'm a Buckeye fan (and would love to go to one of those games) but think this might be a little easier.  Now, the tricky part of this is that my days for this are limited.  But, I have lived in Knoxville all but 2 years since 1993 and haven't ever been to a game- I think it's time- so if anyone can hook me up with a couple of tickets...
33. Be more bold about my faith- speaking out and sharing with others.
34. Meet at least 2 new people per month.
35. Eat at one new restaurant a month- trying to hit local businesses so if you have any suggstions let me know.
36. This is for the crafter in me- participate in one new challenge a month (paper crafting)- one that I have never participated in and one that will stretch me.
37. Set one new fitness/healthy living goal per month.  June's will be drink more water!

38. Deepen my relationship with Christ.  Gain more contentment in my life with Him and TRUSTing that He is in charge of it all and I don't have to understand it.