Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lots of good stuff today

Today's sermon at church was based on Psalm 46:10- Be Still.... and know that He is God!  

Totally what I needed to hear.  He started out with this quote (and I don't remember who it's by):

"Stillness is a spiritual discipline that moves us toward secret communion and paves the way for supernatural intervention."

He focused on the three parts in red.
Spiritual Discipline- should be Holy Habits- 1 Timothy 4:7 (discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness)

Secret Communion- has four parts. 1)as a child of God; 2)come reverently with a fear of God- Psalm 25;14, Psalm 31:19, and 1 John 1:9; 3)come undistracted (this is where I struggle) and 4) come persistently.  If we don't do these things- our lives begin to unravel.

Supernatural Intervention- "don't just do something, stand there!" 2 Chronicles (I'll have to find the reference later) and Exodus 14:13-14.

Just some things to ponder.  Hoping to be back tomorrow with a thought from Sunday School

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Really not a slacker

I promise I am really not a slacker- I'm just really struggling with consistency and prioritizing my life.  I tend to let things slide and unfortunately my relationship with God/time with God is usually the first thing to go.  Which saddens me because I KNOW that it is to be the most important thing in my life.  I need to work on this area so please pray for me there.  Also, please pray for a friend of mine- her husband left her and their two girls.  She has a great attitude about it and I'm loving watching God work in her life.  Thanks!