Sunday, November 16, 2008

Really not a slacker

I promise I am really not a slacker- I'm just really struggling with consistency and prioritizing my life.  I tend to let things slide and unfortunately my relationship with God/time with God is usually the first thing to go.  Which saddens me because I KNOW that it is to be the most important thing in my life.  I need to work on this area so please pray for me there.  Also, please pray for a friend of mine- her husband left her and their two girls.  She has a great attitude about it and I'm loving watching God work in her life.  Thanks!


Anita J. said...

Tami I said a prayer for you and for your friend as well. I am glad she has you to support her.

I think even the people who are consistent worry about being inconsistent (thus the consistency).

Kim said...

Tami, I am new to SCS and I am doing Patter's His Name Challenge and flipped to your blog from a post. I loved what your pastor spoke on, it is close to my heart as I feel called in this area to help women with growing in Christ. I suffered from the same thing, Inconsistency about putting Him first, finding time...

I can help. If you are interested let me know or if you have questions about me just ask.

Here is where I would start. For 7 days take a small notebook and jot down what your day is like DAY 1-work, store-groceries-dinner-watched the news, talked with BF. You don't need to detail but note anything that takes more than 15 min to accomplish. For 7 days.

In Christ, Kim