Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lots to think about

I have a lot to think about today.  I struggled with going to church today because my lower back caused me to have a lack of sleep.  Plus, on top of that it just hurt to stand up after sitting so I seriously contemplated not going.  However, after my shower I felt a bit better and decided to go ahead and go and figured as long as I had something to hold onto as I was standing up I would be okay.  Satan definitely was at work today because once I got there and we started the singing- I knew I was right where I needed to be and the message was one that hit home!  I'll compile some of the thoughts and then some of the scriptures we looked at in Singles and try to put them all together to make some coherent thoughts- but that's for another day :)


Julie Ranae said...

Hi Tami....I know I am commenting from a much older post on this blog, but I thought since our 'stamping' blogs are a little less personal, I would comment here.
Sounds like you and I are women of faith and I am so glad that we signed on to follow one-another's blog. God is directing me each day to find people that are believers. I never know how I am going to run into someone, but every week, I do.
So hello....and I will visit both of your blogs often!

Melanie said...

Sorry to read you suffeer from lower back pain, I've had problems with mine throughout my life, what helped me was stomach strengthening excercises and accupuncture. I;m glad you were lifted up going to your class, I know what that's like feelign you don't have the energy for soemthing, glad you went and it rejuvenated you! :)