Monday, January 31, 2011

Have Patience

I came home today from a weekend in Indiana celebrating my mom's birthday (unlike my dad I WON'T tell her age) :) . On my way home I listened to this song several times

My favorite part of the song is where she sings:
"So break me of impatience
Conquer my frustrations
I've got a new appreciation
It's not the end of the world
Oh Oh Oh
This is the stuff that drives me crazy
This is the stuff
Someone save me
In the middle of my little mess
I forget how big I'm blessed
This is the stuff that gets under my skin
And I've gotta trust You know exactly what
You're doing It might not be what I would choose
But this is the stuff You use."

Then I was reading in Psalm 130:5: "I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I hope..." (ESV)

My thought on this is simply this: Patience is not one of those virtues that I can wrap my arms around easily. There are things/times when I am patient but then I start to wonder what God is up to and want it to happen NOW. It's like the lyrics to the song I posted above: ...And I've gotta trust You know exactly what You're doing It might not be what I would choose But this is the stuff You use."

He knows exactly what He is doing- and that's all I need to know.

(As a little side note- the title of this reminds me of The Music Machine and the song Have Patience
Have patience, have patience
Don't be in such a hurry
When you get impatient, you only start to worry
Remember, remember that God is patient, too
And think of all the times when others have to wait for you

So, as I wait "patiently" I will use that time to grow and develop that trust in Him!


Bill (cycleguy) said...

You know I am not big on female singers but i do like this song. It has a catchy beat and some good lyrics. patience is never an easy thing to have but it does seem to take some people longer to learn. You must be your father's daughter. :) And about the Music Machine: i seem to remember a little girl who took part in that and loved to sing the songs although she wasn't much more than 3 or 4. Hmmm wonder who that might be?

And in case you forgot: mom is 60. LOL Love you much.

Mercy King said...

Tami, I love this song so much. It talks about how the things of this world fill our minds up and we forget how much we are blessed. 'Think you need to listen to the other songs she sang like Beautiful Beautiful and I'm letting go. Have you ever visited her official website? If you've not, tada,

Tami said...

Mercy- thanks for coming by- She is actually one of my favorite artists so I have visited her site and have her music and listen to it regularly! Thanks for coming by!