Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What was Judas thinking??

I know that question conjures up the thought of his betrayal and yes, this sort of covers that- but THAT is greed- pure and simple.  And really, who has not been overtaken by greed somewhere along the line in their life.  But, no, this goes to John 13.  This morning I read this passage of Jesus washing the disciples' feet.  It was interesting to read the reaction of Peter and his responses but then I got to wondering- what about Judas?.  Here he is listening to Jesus talk about why he was washing feet and how that was what they were to do to others in order to serve- so, what was he thinking?  He had already decided to betray Jesus and here he is listening to Jesus tell that he KNEW who was going to betray him!  Was he thinking- I need to run and just get it done?  What am I doing?  about the money?  Did any thoughts of guilt or remorse about what he was going to do enter into his mind and heart at all?  I just can't help but wonder- what was Judas thinking?

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