Monday, June 11, 2012

Checking things off

I have been able to do at least one or two things on my list already- however, I am addressing one that will take me through the whole year- reading a book a week.  Last week I was "at home" in Indiana (you know- it's funny, when I am in TN then IN is home but when I am in IN then TN is home- so strange how that works).  Anyway, after my dad posted THIS BLOG back in January I requested to read the book I Am Second.  He sent it to me within a couple of weeks and I just now had a chance to read it- this book was a really good book.  .I laughed and cried, my heart ached for the hurt of others and rejoiced in their joy.  I am a regular watcher of Biggest Loser so the story of Michelle Aguilar was one that I watched unfold on tv.  I actually have her book on the Kindle app on my iphone to read and now it has become a MUST READ.  I am looking forward to spending some time this summer watching the videos on the I Am Second website but I leave you with this:

Seconds - I Am Second

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Bill (cycleguy) said...

Thanks for the mention. So glad you were finally able to read the book. I had the same reaction as you (only probably didn't cry as much). LOL Love you and so glad you are "taking control" of things. Michelle's testimony is a powerful one.