Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just some thoughts from some books

I'm needing to turn in some books to make space but went through them first and wanted to jot down a couple of thoughts so that I have them handy.

Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On by Stormie Omartian. This was a GREAT book that I read in a tough time. The book starts out: Life is a walk. Each day we take steps. Our tomorrow is determined by the steps we take today.

"God doesn't often reveal the details of where He's taking you because He wants you to trust Him for every step. He wants you to pray and listen to Him directing your path for this day, this week, this season, this year, and this time."

"Sometimes what seems like the darkest step we've ever been on comes just before the brightest light we've ever experienced."

"God wants us to surrender our dreams because we can't be led by Him if we are chasing after a dram of our own making. And He wants us to surrender all of them."

Get Over It and Get On With It by Michelle McKinney Hammond
"The beauty of being in a plce you cannot control is that it gives God the opportunity to work out His plan. You can plan your work all you want to, but in the end God will work His plan with or without your help."

"Joseph didn't resign his dreams and longings. He merely tucked them deeper inside his heart and dealt with the present. In the present he needed a miracle. And God was setting him up for exactly that."

"Only in laying down all her dreams about one type of life did Ruth find a life greater than she could ever have anticipated."

"Far too often we allow a wayward mate, an inconsiderate friend, or a dishonest associate back into our life without any thought of testing that person's intentions or character. We fail to set appropriate boundaries. If nothing has changed and the person is not willing to deal, in a healthy and honest matter, with what went wrong before, you are destined for a repeat of what already happened. Get counseling. Hash it out. Discuss what went wrong and what changes need to be made in order for the relationship to be restored. Set parameters for reestablishing trust. Make a new covenant you can both live with."

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Annette said...

I just spotted your Faith Blog and wanted to say - thank you. I find id inspirational and refreshing. I am a avid stamper and was looking at stamping blogs when I came across yours. I wanted to say thanks - great book recommendations - love Stormie Omartian.