Thursday, June 12, 2008

Struggling with Forgiveness

Not an easy topic to talk about and to share. However, it's the truth. I'm struggling with forgiving someone who has hurt me. They questioned a decision I made and in essence questioned my character. Right now I don't want to talk to her about it and why I am not speaking to her but she has asked me why I am not talking to her. Letting go of something is hard. I have struggled with it before but right now it's even harder because I know that I made the right choice in the decision I made.

I know this is short but I needed to put it somewhere- if you are reading this please share what your thoughts are on forgiveness- especially when it's not been asked for.


Laurie in MN said...

Hi Tami,

I don't have answers. Forgiveness is difficult for everyone.

I can offer questions to ask yourself.
Does your friend know all the facts?
What could be in her past that makes her opinion different from your opinion?

At the time, were you willing to share why you made your decision?
Do you share the same values?
Did she mean to hurt or offend you?

Sometimes having a friend who sees things differently is a good thing. They encourage us to look at other options and see problems at a different angle. It hurts when they question our final choice but that is part of the package of being different and respecting each other.

Our church is active in Slovakia building a church and school. I hope your mission brought many spiritual awards.

God's Girl said...

As you know, the Bible says, if someone offends you go to them and if they receive it, you have won your brother (or sister). So I believe that the first step in forgiveness is to obey what God says to do in His Word. If you've done that, and you are still hurting and struggling then I say what David did... he poured out his heart to the Lord.

Forgiveness can be a process. Hurts can last a long time.

God knows our make up and our frame. Run to Jesus. He will help you through. He forgave offenses, betrayal and the sins of the world (the sins of you and me). He knows everything there is to know about forgiveness.

I pray that God answers your prayers and heals your heart!

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Well...I know this is an old post but lessons learned are never out of vogue. you have heard me say that the failure to forgive makes you someone's slave. Learn to forgive and it will change your life forever. Even when it is hard.